Hey, I’m Willy. I’m the morning show host and Program Director of MY 105.9. I love music, the Simpson’s and sunshine. I’ve been in radio since high school and lived in Montana my whole life. Join me Monday through Friday, bright and early for Pass The Coffee Trivia, My History Lesson and more!

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  • Best concert? Too many great ones to pick a best, but Willie Nelson at the Shrine was killer, Aerosmith in 97, and I once saw Snoop Dog and Neil Diamond in the same week!
  • Favorite Food? Again, too many great ones! Steak, seafood, anything BBQd, umm…Italian, Chinese and anything with cheese on it.
  • First record? AC/DC Back in Black and Led Zep IV. Also wore out the Cocktail Soundtrack and Bon Jovi’s New Jersey.

Late Afternoons

Join Captain Mike every weekay for Live at 5! Click here to request a song for the drive home!

Captain Mike is a radio veteran with years of rocking n rolling under his belt. He is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, shrouded in a riddle. No one sees him enter & leave, but when he’s on the air, you know he’s rockin’.

  • Favorite Artist/Band? John Denver, Neil Diamond, Chicago, The Carpenters (Seriously!)
  • First record ever bought? Stole it…Dokken.
  • Best concert? Marshall Tucker Band, Joe Diffie, Chicago, Def Leppard, Elton John.
  • Favorite Actor or Actress? Would love to father a child with Winona Ryder.
  • Favorite Sports Team? Seattle Mariners. Fan since 1979!
  • Note: Also enjoys baby’s butts, walks in the rain, sunflower seeds, beer, The Discovery Channel, rice and corn nuts.